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Friday, September 23, 2005

I don't think anyone needs much proof these days that email is broken, but here is an article from InformationWeek on the costs associated with managing email applications, suggesting that it costs $117.34 per user per year for companies with fewer than 2,500 employees to "secure" the email system - mostly from spam. What the article doesn't say is how much additional money is wasted simply because the information captured in the messages and transmitted via email simply can't be shared or distributed or leveraged in any other way.

Its pretty clear for quite some time now that weblog publishing systems decrease this dependence on the use of email as a publication mechanism - lowering the costs associated with managing email systems. The other half of the equation is that the communication in the form of a post or discussion creates a corporate record that is searchable and can be shared on the existing intranet. So, while it might not be the ultimate cure for corporate Alzheimers, its certainly the best medicine currently available.

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