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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Nintendo DS birthday present for the kids. This is an incredible piece of hardware, perfectly mated to its software. Its amazing to see such a powerful, well designed product. Its pen-based, with two screens, twin processors, and has a wireless messaging capability and voice recognition - besides allowing the kids to play Pokemon...

It took the kids about 10 seconds to figure out and use the pen-based interface - they had already gone through the set-up process on their own by answering a few questions at start-up. They simply write their messages to each other on the screen with the stylus. (I guess I'm still old-school on this one;-)

A glimpse of the future --- So far, they have not spent much time playing their games (unlike the older console). Most of their time has been spent sending each other wireless messages. The device does not allow itself to be connected to the internet (for obvious reasons), but appears to have about the same range as my wireless router. (Nintendo is just more honest about the real life range.)

Talk about a social computing device....all it needs now is an interface for Manila!

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