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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Jerusalem Post blogging story is starting to get some attention:

from Dave Winer, Scripting News
from Stephen Baker, Business Week

I've been reading the JPost blogs (Gaza pullout) and I have to admit that the blogs really give you a better feel for the events then straight vanilla news stories. I guess that's no surprise.

(ps: Thanks John)

2:02:47 PM    

A pilot friend sent me a great little snippet with the tongue-in-cheek question of how much to would cost to fuel this baby. The answer is that it takes about 24,000 gallons of JetA at roughly $5/gal. So when they pull up to the pump and say, "fill-er up" - the bill comes to about $120,000. (Of course that does not include the dry hourly operating rate.)

A sweet ride for two...

Every Silicon Valley tech giant has to have his jet. Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have settled on a Boeing 767 as their personal jet, and it's currently down in Dallas getting interior work done, or at least that's according to Jeff Nolan, over at SAP Ventures, who told us that he'd bumped into a guy in the aviation industry who said as much. In April, we reported that Chief Executive Schmidt sold his ownership interest in his jet, which he had owned for several years and let the company use for business trips. In February, he purchased another jet, and the Google board agreed to reimburse him $7,000 an hour for its use.

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