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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Steve Hooker just announced a thumbnail plug-in for Manila. This is something I think everyone is going to need at some point.

But I will let Steve tell you about it -- taken from his message:

I've been using it for nearly two years to get pix of my kids organised, there's many features already and more to come. With enough support there's some dead cool stuff coming. If you've got a digicam this makes Manila a wicked pictorial content management system.

Currently, Manila site owners can upload a jpeg as they'd do with the pictures, but with the thumbnailer they get sometimes several shortcuts and can resize, rotate, flip upsidedown or flop sideways and make several different sized thumbs for use in different places within their site. Each time you flip or rotate all the shortcuts are affected. Jumping to the particular thumb's edit page to do these adjustments is a snap.

Manila server owners can install the plugin painlessly, and install the other applications needed as simply. The website has all the necessary howtos and help.

Coming soon is the bulk uploading of many pix into news items or story page galleries. These will be made available by the root usual update process, but no reason to wait, *go buy it now* ;-) Did I say it was also available in German, Italian, French and Dutch?

You can learn more about this from the links below:

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