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Monday, April 25, 2005

Aerial Taxis really are getting closer. An announcement from Dayjet. Maybe they will let me fly the right seat...

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Rogers Cadenhead provides a great account of how wrong a news report can be, despite the "research..." What is facinating to me is that this must go on daily with most every form of mass meda - and why the transparancy of blogs is so compelling. The idea of providing links to sources so you can validate it yourself, if you are so inclined, should become part of every news story. David Berlind is really on to something.

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Will Richardson points out several very important issues for kids writing journals on the public internet. For people who know the technology, its reach, and its possibilities, this is exciting - its also scary when you think of junior high and above aged "kids" posting in totally open forums without the benefit of any guidance from people like Will. Our education system needs to embrace the fact of blogging and factor it into the discourse at school.

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