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Friday, April 1, 2005

My favorite of the April Fools Gadgets is the "impossibly" thin Motorola phone. Hey you could get a paper cut from this phone...
Motorola Thins Down With PAPR V9
April 1, 2005      source: Motorola
After promising a 6mm version of the SLVR at CTIA last month, Motorola today went one better by announcing the super-ultra-thin PAPR V9. Based on the premise that Thin is In, the PAPR is the thinnest product ever produced by Motorola, at an impossibly stylish 0.01 mm. The PAPR is the first in the world to use cutting-edge (literally) platinum-infused parchment material. Although the PAPR is too thin to contain electronics and function as a phone, it is aimed at the fashion elite who value form over function, and want to make the ultimate style statement. The PAPR V9 is expected to be available from specialty boutiques in June for $1,499. The PAPR contains 55% post-consumer recycled paper.

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