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Friday, April 15, 2005

Its features like Access Control that allow Manila to keep raising the bar. Access Control allows the site manager to limit access to messages of all types - whether they are news items, pictures or stories - completely or for a designated period of time. This feature works well whether you are a corporation and you need to limit access to a particular document until a peer review is complete OR you're a teacher that wants to limit the audience to students work (or their ability to comment) for a specific period of time until they are ready to publish.

Access can be defined in two different ways e.g. on a read/write basis.  If access is limited on a "read" basis, you won't be able to see the message until its made available again. If you limit on a "write" basis," people will be able to see the message but won't be able to comment on it or respond to it in any way. This allows the Managing Editor to cover just about any situation where access control is needed. 

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