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Sunday, March 7, 2004

From Rogers Cadenhead's Workbench.  In a comment on Workbench, Mark Pilgrim expresses puzzlement at why UserLand Software has not added Atom support to Radio yet.  [Workbench] (Sorry to abbreviate the original post.)

From UserLand's perspective our most important job is advancing Manila and Radio.  Programming resources are precious and currently focused on making those products better in terms of features, performance, and stability. Format considerations are part of the product discussion, but the rule on format support for me has always been tied to its rate of commercial adoption and viability. The 0.3 version of Atom is simply not there. 

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One of the goals of Enterprise Manila is to bring the power of RSS and Edit this Page to content management in corporations.  The two-way communication capability that Manila offers corporate users is crucial for them to move up the productivity ladder. Moving to the next rung requires employees to spend less time searching for information and more time synthesizing it into business decisions, leveraging the work that has already been done. RSS and Manilaís built-in news aggregator is a great way to do this at a department level. It could be a while before lots of people are blogging inside corporations (I think personal publishing remains a little scary), but Manila gives them a great platform to continue to advance.
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