Updated: 11/16/05; 9:35:49 PM

 Thursday, November 3, 2005

Incomplete Features in Manila 9.6 Beta 2

One item that I receive some questions on has to do with what Jake is describing as an "incomplete feature" relative to the beta 2 release. Though there are an amazing number of new features in the second release - one that several folks have been waiting for - will go into the beta 3 release. Its the ability to have a members' log in not require a valid email address. This turns out to be a really important feature for K-12 bloggers.

The text of the change note --

Arbitrary Login Name: A new in-progress feature, scheduled for Manila 9.6b3, makes it possible to remove the requirement that members' logins be valid email addresses. This feature is intended primarily for K-12 users, who may not have, and may not be allowed to have (or reveal) their own email addresses. This feature is incomplete and currently has no visible effect on Manila's normal behavior.